he Black Lion
A few years ago Menno Bijmolt, a Lion-fan, made the Lion-site. Menno got a busy job, so he couldn't update the site anymore. Now, Jerry van Rekom, one of the authors of The Lion, the Black Weapon is the new webmaster of the site. He will change the site in the next months.

Menno opened the site with the following words:
"The Lion is an extraordinary chess opening. Playing with black you have an incredible strong weapon against all the white opening moves you can imagine. The Lion is an excellent response to 1.e4 or 1.d4, but the Lion is also the best answer for 1.c4 and 1.Nf3. Actually, it's more than just an opening. The Lion is also played in middlegame and endgame. With the Lion you get a whole new chess strategy and -philosophy."

On this site you can read all about the Lion. You'll find general information about this opening on the page The Lion. The major variations can be viewed at Variations. The best Lion's games can be up- or downloaded at Games. On the page The Book you can read all about the one and only real book about the Lion. 


Latest News (25/06/2016):

See a beautiful instruction movie about The Lion

Click here to go to a very nice instruction movie about the Lion. Very usefull . It shows in a short time the strength of the Lion. Click also here to another Yotube-movie from the same Chess Master.

 The last Years we received many reactions from all over the World and also some nice Lion-games. From now on we will publish some new stuff about the Lion. We hope you like it.
If you've played an interesting Lion game, please mail us. Also if you got some questions about  a variation.

Jerry van Rekom

Youth umbrace the Lion

Inspired by his uncle Marcel Meulenkamp Tobias de Vries (13) became a fan of the Lion.
He wrote about our opening in his blog on www.chess.com. A good Example to promote the Lion. Ofcourse reactions  are the consequens, but that makes the Lion sytronger!

Tobias also played a game with the White Lion on the Internet. Click here for that interesting game, a good example how to play the White Lion! If ypu want to play against Tobias on chess.com please challenge him: 

Jerry van Rekom

Review from Sean Marsh!! 

Our Chess friend and als Lion-player Sean Marsh made a wonderful review from the second edtion of the Black Lion. See for it:


...with further mentions here:


...and here:


We thank Sean for his great words!

News (18/2/9): Review from John-Stuart Plant:

A Chess Opening for Black and for White??

Hmm. What makes for a good chess opening or defense? What separates chess openings and defenses from other chess openings and defenses that are just as good, if not better? How can one be sure which is the best approach if needing to play for a win? Well the ‘Lion’ answers all these questions and more seemingly with ease.

Hi, my name is John-Stuart Plant currently with a chess rating of about 1800. My experience with the Lion has been an overall good one. In the few months I have started using it I have already won 5 out of 6 long games with it, and 9 out of 11 lightning games, not to mention a few tournaments or two and a corresponding brilliancy prize for best game. The Lion has helped me a lot in the respect of its novelty aspect (hardly anyone knows it) and by the fact that it gives me clear and concise plans to follow right from the start of the game, usually up to move 20! The Lion is also very flexible, with a limited amount of study anybody can use the lion, playing white or black and gain a good position tailored to suit one’s style. In other words the Lion is not as strictly dogmatic as say the Queen’s Gambit or Ruy Lopez and that to me is its biggest advantage.

John-Stuart Plant

The Lion is also a very creative opening. Leaving room for swashbuckling sacrifices and daring raids on the enemy king. Piece coordination (as any player knows here is a must) and the Lion complies seamlessly. Moreover, the Lion as mentioned previously is an all purpose tool, use this opening for white and defense for black and you’ll never need to learn another. 

The biggest problem the Lion has helped me solve in my game is the pertinent question of ‘what do I do now?’ So what are you waiting for, if you want to have the advantage and you want to win, use the Lion. It will help you. 

John-Stuart Plant

John-Stuart is playing the Lion with Black and White. For a nice game of John-Stuart click here.

More news on the new editions can be found on the website of NIC.
The progress of the Lion project up to the book launch will be followed by the regional website from Tom van Bokhoven. On his site he will publish the latest news. She also the site of Schakend Sliedrecht.

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